Mon Jervois sits in close proximity to Orchard Road and the River Valley area. This trendy 109-unit condominium development is organized into 5 distinct blocks, each connected by communal areas and a recreational landscape deck.

Working within the constraints of the trapezoidal site, architects used innovative site-planning techniques to create a series of elegant low-rise blocks erected on a green “pedestal-like” landscape deck. The landscape deck above the basement car park is conceived as an elevated green plateau, which houses the main swimming pool and other recreational facilities.

Residential blocks are framed by individual bands of dark coloured pleated metal roof fin walls. Additionally, each blocks also contains concrete walls that feature a patina of textured wall-finish. Residential blocks also feature clean glass facades which drape across the living spaces of each apartment units. Highlighting the facade are immaculately detailed window mullions and glazing patterns, each working to create stunning layers of latticework.

Mon Jervois contains a variety of luxurious unit types. All units come complete with spectacular views of the expanse communal landscape deck, and the picturesque gardens and waterscapes that encompass the rest of the development.

Apartments were designed with protruding balconies and feature detailed patterns of textured surfaces – culminating in functional yet highly expressive elevations. Each unit is well-lit by pervading natural light, giving apartments a bright, spacious feel. All apartment units within Mon Jervois were designed to reflect modern functionality, and are geared toward contemporary tastes and lifestyles needs.

Mon Jervois was developed in a manner that would leave the lightest environmental footprint possible, using a meticulously curated palette of materials selected with both sustainability and aesthesis in mind. The development was built to the most exacting specifications, and stringently assessed under the Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) and Quality Mark Scheme (QMS).


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