PROJECT # 1 is an Addition and Alteration (A&A) project, nested in a neighborhood consisting of an eclectic mix of residential typologies: low-rise, pitched-roof houses and mid-rise, monolithic apartment blocks.

Cost-benefit analysis resulted in the decision to keep the original house and build a new front and rear addition. Maximized to its allowable building height and set-back requirements, the new additions revitalize the original house, both spatially and visually, making it relevant for its time with an economy of means.

The result is a strong contrast between the new monolithic front and rear addition and the original pitch-roofed house. The tower-like rear addition rises above the original house to complement its neighbors in scale, form, materiality and colour. It has random openings of various shapes and sizes that look out to its surroundings and obscure the reading of a 2-storey building.