PROJECT # 8 is an interior renovation to a 27 year old residential unit in the northern part of Singapore.

Surrounded by tall buildings, all windows in the original interior were covered up almost completely to prevent overlooking by its neighbours.  As a result of that, views and light were erased from the interior.

The design strategically introduces openings on the ceiling with artificial lighting as internal light sources. The result is a matrix of ‘LIGHT BOXES’ within the new interior.  The decision to keep the existing broken marble flooring prompted the choice of a palette of white and grey, to complement the existing floor. The surfaces of all cabinets and large sliding panels are adorned with a series of diagonal patterns, in the chosen palette, creating illusionary rays of light that seemingly illuminate all the spaces and bind the entire interior as one.

One wonders if a fictitious interior where rays of lights, real and illusionary, play on each other will give visual delight and spatial relief to the once oppressive and dark interior nested within such a highly urbanized environment.