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Honourable Mention

Jury Citation:

“The planning on the difficult site integrated landscape in between the buildings and made an open and unintimidating environment for the keeping of animals. The experience of walking through the kennels was a stimulating one.

The screen of pre-fabricated vent blocks is simple and delightful. The architect has achieved an airy and pleasant environment with limited means.”

The Site
This Animal Shelter and Office Facility was the subject of an invited competition. Located in the north-western part of Singapore, the site is triangular in shape, bounded by a river, vacant land and Sungei Tengah Road. We won the competition and were commissioned as architect to carry out the project. While preparing for submission, the actual size of the land is discovered to be about 20% smaller. The adaptability of our design to a smaller site without compromising on the quality of facilities is testament to the soundness of our proposal. On top of this reduction, three key features were proposed beyond the competition requirements – the Events Park, the Education Pavilion and the Rainwater Recycling strategy.

Clear organisation and friendly image : The semi-circular block welcomes the visitors with “open arms” – enclosing an events park which can be used for a myriad of events, or just a play park for visitors and their pets. The veterinary clinic and administration offices are housed in this semi-circular arc, while the clusters of hexagons radiates from its convex side.

Organic Quality and Relating to Nature : Our network of kennels, small animal play pens and courtyards depart from the conventional rows jail-cell-like kennels. The multi-faceted and porous animal enclosures accentuate the sense of connection to the surrounding landscape. Ventilation block walls which line the kennel are designed to allow optimal natural ventilation and daylight, while preventing wind-driven rain.

Accessibility – Water as natural barriers : The picturesque quality of the water bodies not only provide a sense of tranquility for the visitors and animals, they also act as natural barriers separating the restricted enclosures and staff areas from the publicly accessible areas.