FORM follows SITE:
“On a steep odd-shaped hill with existing large trees, this seven bedrooms multi-generational house meanders fluidly upwards over five floors diverting around the very mature trees.

Broken down into parts, the massing reduces as it goes higher. The house is intended to stand out whilst not overpowering the context.

The private spaces are individual and separated yet easily connected to the common areas of the whole.

Voids are strategically carved out to ensure natural light and ventilation to all rooms.

The main void, a sunburst waterfall courtyard, is a surprise welcome upon a deep entry from the foot of the hill.

MEANDERING ON THE HILL: An intangible dialog between Architecture and Nature. Respecting the existing landform and landscape, the fluid spaces and organic form create a nebulous inside-outside boundary experience.

Client’s Brief:
To create a multi-generational house with separate living units for two adult sons while the main house accommodates guest, grandparent, and two younger children.

Basement 2: Entry, car park, drivers’ room, waterfall courtyard area, entertainment space, and guestroom.
Basement 1: Two bedrooms, living room and dining pantry, Grandma’s room.
Level 1: Swimming pool, Living, and Dining, kitchen and servants’ areas.
Level 2: Master suite, daughter’s room, family area, and study.
Level 3: Suite for youngest son with lots of play and workspace.

FORM and Materials:
The organic futuristic form resulted naturally from the gentle meandering layout of the house.

Folding walls and deep overhangs were constructed in a mix of off-form concrete and steel, and painted white to achieve a lightness of structure while natural materials like timber and stone were used to blend well with the hill and trees. Landscaping was carefully integrated to further enhance the natural setting, still allowing the building form to stand out.


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