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The Philosophy – Sculpting Spaces in the Tropics

Aamer Taher’s designs are well knownfor their ‘flair and curves’.

Heviews every project as a work of Art, conceived through thorough appreciationof site, context and brief. Each is carefully sculptured to congenially fitinto the site while keeping client’s brief intact.


The Firm

Mr Aamer Taher established his Studio in1994, two years upon his return to Singapore from London, where he trained inthe Architectural Association School of Architecture and practiced with severalfirms including the prestigious Michael Hopkins and Associates. 

Mr Aamer Taher was a council memberof the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) and a part-time design tutor in the School of Architecture, NationalUniversity of Singapore (NUS).

AAMERremain a cutting-edge boutique designfirm providing a full range of architectural designand professional services including master planning, interior and landscape design with a dedicated team of professionals.


The Works

AAMER have built good class bungalows, luxury detachedand semi-detached homes in Singapore and farther away in Asia. And they are thedesign architects for high rise developments in Penang, Malaysia, where theirfirst one completed in 2016. Indeed more of AAMER’s unique designs, from bungalows to conservation shop houses torestaurants to doctors’ clinics to hotel projects, will come to life over thecoming years in this vibrant part of the world. 

Oneof Aamer’s clients described his works as “haute architecture” in the sensethat they are like ‘haute couture’ or ‘haute cuisine’, custom- and tailor-madeto each discerning individual….. thus all uniquely different from each other.

 “Sculpting Spaces in the Tropics, 13 Houses inAamer Taher’s Design Journey” is a first book recording Aamer’s mostsignificant residential projects over a ten year period.  The book comprehensively captures the intrinsicdesign philosophy of Aamer Architects.



AAMERwins awards and competitions, yes of course they do, most recently in Hong Kongat ARCASIA, yippee!. 

You are most welcome to visit their newoffice at 2 Leng Kee Road #04-01A, have a chat, a drink and find out more.