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Aedas isthe world’s only local and global architecture and design practice driven byglobal sharing of research, local knowledge and international practice. Our1,400 creative minds with design studios across the globe create world-classdesign solutions with deep social and cultural understanding of the communitieswe design for.  

World’scities are changing to respond to greater density, connectivity and efficiency.Asia leads in new urban planning strategies and new methods of living. Aedas believesthat the world must share its rapidly growing knowledge of the new urbanisationand architectural solutions to the needs of other cities. Aedas’ collegiateglobal platform for research, idea exchange and creative excellence facilitatesthe growth of the new urbanisation to provide new sustainable and innovativedesign solutions. 

Aedas hascontributed several significant landmark projects to Singapore’s urbanlandscape. Some of our award-winning projects include Sandcrawler, The Star,Changi City, 8 Napier, 313@somerset, Sentosa Boardwalk, and a number of MRTprojects like Marina Bay Station. 

The localpractice is also actively involved in Southeast Asia, India and the MiddleEast, with a diverse international portfolio of mixed-use, office, retail,infrastructure, residential, urban design and interior design projects. 

Aboveeverything we place creativity and creative thinking. We provide an inspiringenvironment to our most talented designers to deliver solutions that create apositive impact in the communities they are intended for. We never stop pushingboundaries, implementing the latest innovation and technical expertise in everynew project we undertake – wherever we work in the world.