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AGA Architects Private Limited is an experienced and evolving architectural practice with a portfolio of works spanning a few decades. Since its inception in 1979, AGA remains committed to building an architectural practice that provides contemporary and adaptive solutions to meet current aspirations.
Throughout its 30 years of practice, AGA constantly addresses emerging imperatives. Underlying their works are varying levels of awareness and implementation of ideas that emerge from their works.
In AGA, works are crafted through a process of exploration of strategies. They strive to find integrated solutions to multiple issues. Their aim is to find the right integrated design which incorporates holistic methodology and vocabulary that best express their thoughts and aims of their work.
Professionalism in rendering their responsibilities is of paramount importance to them. They take pride in their working relationships with their clients and fellow professional consultants to create works which are both contextual and inspiring. They firmly believe in a collaborative approach to ensure good design solutions and successful realization of their work.
AGA constantly monitor market-trends and fine-tune their operations to be responsive to the needs of their works. The diversity of works is managed by individuals with varied interests and experiences. They acknowledge that approaches to work need to be continually informed by exchanges of knowledge, thoughts and experiences.
While the challenges ahead are arduous, they share a common belief in challenging their aspirations by taking on different forms of architecture. They are always striving to achieve the best of their abilities and in the process always looking for opportunities that heighten their expectations.
With this belief, AGA is mapping new directions in a range of works both locally and abroad.
AGA’s portfolio of works mirrors the intensity of their commitment and underscores their vision of an evolving and dynamic architectural practice.

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